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The history of our company dates back to 1850, at the beginning of the Italian metallurgical industry in Lecco. The founder, Giuseppe Dell’Era, started a wire drawing business using the iron extracted from the ancient mines of Valsassina. This was made possible by exploiting the waters of one the city’s streams that came from the neighbouring mountains.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a gradual shift away from iron wire drawing towards finished product processing. The wire was then transformed into small metal parts used in a variety of industrial sectors, such as straight pins for the haberdashery market and our “Leone” paper clips for stationery: the iconic green boxstanding on Italian desks since more than a century.

However, it was thanks to the fastener markets that the company was able to make a name for itself at the European level, specialising in the production and distribution of split pins.

The company has been able to constantly evolve with modern production methods, learning to provide a fast and flexible service at competitive prices for the international market and great attention to customer needs, without ever losing the traditional care for the quality of its products.

Quality was the focal point in 2022, when Dell’Era obtained certification of its business processes to ISO 9001 standards.

Our history is a testimony to commitment, Italian craftsmanship, and constant innovation. We have carried on our traditions with passion and dedication, mixing them with the needs of an ever-changing world. This is why we are now more focused than ever on sustainable and environmentally friendly production, through the use of recycled materials for the production of our articles and the renewed packaging, which encapsulates our history and ethics.

The story of seven generations
of Dell’Era’s Family

Giuseppe Dell’Era founds the company starting an iron wire drwing business and manufacturing of small metal parts in Lecco, Italy


The business evolves into an industrial level with the manufacturing of finished products


The company survives WWI and WWII by converting its production to a war industry and fueling its machines through hydroelectric power.


The wire drawing business gets abandoned to focus only on the finished products


Consolidation on international markets


The company moves its HQ and production facility to a wider area in Annone Brianza.


Beginning of a company re-branding


ISO 9001 quality certification achieved



The stationery sector is one of the main pillars of our production. Our pride, the green Leone Dell’Era box with its zinc-plated paper clips, has become an icon on the desk of all Italians for more than a century. From the practicality of the paper clips to the vibrant colours of the drawing pins, our wide range of stationery products stands out for its unique quality, a perfect combination of functionality and vintage style to enrich every workspace.


Haberdashery is one of the oldest sectors in which we operate. We have been producing high-quality straight pins for generations and constantly strive to improve them, skilfully combining our heritage with technological innovations. Our straight pins, specialised for a wide range of trades, from tailors to shirt makers, are a testimony to our dedication to providing the highest quality for the most diverse needs.


The production of split pins has been a key element in transforming our small domestic company into a company capable of producing to international standards and exporting globally. Our dedication to quality is essential in the highly technical environment of split pins. Important is also our ability to meet any technological or customisation needs of the client, offering a wide range of tailor-made products and always guaranteeing precision and reliability.