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SINCE 1850


Dell’Era Giuseppe is an historical Italian family-run business, now in its seventh generation, whose core business is the manufacturing of mechanical industry fasteners and fixing systems.
Its name is recognized mostly for the production and distribution of UNI EN ISO 1234 (DIN 94) Split Pins, item for which Dell’Era is European market leader but also well-known all around the globe. To complete the range, the company also produces other kinds of split pins such as Beta/R-Clips Cotter Pins (sim. DIN 11024 single and double ring), IEC 372 for insulators, Humpback Split Pins, Linch Pins and other bent wire articles on customer’s drawing.

Know how

The company owns total control over the process of raw materials purchasing. Being born as iron-wire drawers, Dell’Era has maintained a strong open channel with steel wire rod manufacturers and the direct source of all the main commodities employed for the production. This permits to overlap crucial phases of the transformation by doing it by itself under the roof of its own factory. The company is in fact equipped with special machines able to roll the wire, transforming it for example into a half-round wire used for the manufacturing of split pins. This know-how jealously kept inside by the Dell’Era Family, allows to provide a very high-quality final product and also a more efficient and cost-saving supply chain process.


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A seven generations-long commitment

Each step of the manufacturing process is strictly monitored by the quality department and is documented according to the ISO 9001:2015 certification. The manufacturing facility is equipped with high level technology machines which permits a consistency in keeping high quality standards.

The quality managers are constantly on the field and provide maximum support to the very well trained production staff, passing on a know-how developed in more than 170 years by the Dell’Era Family.

The company finds its roots in Lecco, which is known as one of the main hubs of the mechanical industry district in Italy. Within this industrial environment the company is surrounded by highly rated partners and suppliers, all of whom follow the same quality procedures and requirements.


Buying from Dell’Era doesn’t only mean purchasing a product but also receiving a full-blown service. This includes the possibility of getting a tailor-made treatment based on the specific needs of the customer.

The service personalization concerns different aspects of the production. Any kind of standards and out-of-standard dimension can be purchased, together with a significant stock of the most ordinary range available for immediate delivery.

Dell’Era benefits from a large stock of raw materials which is composed by low/medium carbon steel, inox/stainless steel (AISI 304 & 316), copper, brass aluminium but is also able to provide other special materials such as duplex and special inox stainless steels.

Every product, despite the possibility of having it plain, usually undergoes a surface treatment which protects it from rust. It can be a 3 to 12 MY zinc-plating (white, yellow, black, iridescent), zinc-nickel plating, tin plating, and even zinc-flake or paint coating.

The most common and used is the carton box packaging, made with neutral strong paperboard and compliant to European standards. The products can also come in bulk, inside big carton packs, sacs or plastic poly bags. Upon specific request we always provide personalized labels and quantity-per-box. Whenever needed, quality certificates according to EN10204 can also be issued.

Whenever needed, quality certificates according to EN10204 can also be issued.